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Kalaburagi High Court Re-Unites a Mother and Son Back
In a rare gesture, the Division Bench of the Kalaburagi High Court comprising of Justice L Narayan Swami and Justice NS Phaneendra in the High Court of Kalaburagi Bench ordered the custody of Rajesh (2) to his mother, Mariamma (29).

Mariamma, a dalith, resident of Tarfile Area, Kalaburagi married Ravindra Vaskar Shetty (30), native of Orissa at Mumbai on April 12, 2012. After the birth of Rajesh, the couple moved to Saradang village, Balasore, Orissa. Henceforth, Mariamma was ill-treated by Ravindra and his parents. Mariamma and her child were confined to a small room and was not allowed to move out of the house. The neighbors of Ravindra intimated the plight of Mariamma and her child to the mother and younger brother of Mariamma at Kalaburagi over the telephone. Mariamma’s mother and brother traveled to Orisssa, but Ravindra and his parents refused to hand over the child to Mariamma.

After returning to Kalaburagi, Mariamma, through CHILDLINE 1098, Don Bosco PYaR, Kalaburgi approached High Court of Karnataka, Kalaburagi Bench and filed a writ petition before Justice L Narayan Sawami on January 27, 2015. The judge ordered to convert the writ petition to a Habeas Corpus petition and place before the Division Bench. The Division Bench consisting of Justice L Narayan Swami and Justice AS Pachapure directed Prakash Yeli, State Public Prosecutor to produce the child, Rajesh before the High Court on February 16, 2015.

A team consisting of Manohar Gajare, ASI, and Jaibheem, Station Bazar Police Station, Suvarna, Women’s Police Station and Sr. Lourd Mary, Member, Juvenile Justice Board, Kalaburagi traveled to Saradang, Balasore, Orissa accompanied by Mariamma and rescued the child. The child was produced before the Division Bench and the custody of the child was given to Mariamma.