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Stall Programme at Sharana Basaveshwara Temple Back
CHILDLINE 1098, Don Bosco PYaR organized Stall Programme and one to one awareness programme at Sharana Basaveswara Temple, Kalaburagi during the temple fair on March 11, 2015. The temple fair is an annual event that attracts thousands of pilgrims across religions. The fair lasts more than two weeks.

Over the years, CHILDLINE has observed that several child related issues such as, trafficking, child beggary, missing children and child labor occur during the fair. Hence, intense awareness programmes and rescue operations are planned in collaboration with the police department and other concerned stakeholders. The stall programme is an awareness strategy used by CHILDLINE 1098 to spread the word about the service and reach out to people. Over thousand people were given awareness about CHILDLINE through the programme.