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Anti-Child Marriage Workshop Organized at Kalaburagi Back
A one-day Anti-Child Marriage workshop for temple priests, marriage hall authorities and women’s Self Help Groups (SHG) was held at Don Bosco PYaR, Kalaburagi on March 28, 2015. The workshop was organized in collaboration with Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), Samajika Parivarthana Jana Andolana (SPJ) Kalaburagi, Community Development Foundation (CDF), Sedam, Margadarshi Society, Kalaburagi and Don Bosco PYaR, Kalaburagi. “The temple priests and marriage hall authorities have a crucial role to play in eliminating child marriages. The concerned priests and authorities should ensure the furnishing of proper documents and certificates and in case of suspicion should alert the Child Marriage Prevention Officers”, said Anandraj, Director, Margadarshi Society, Kalaburagi, at his inaugural address.

Pappamma Habalkar, CDPO, Kalaburagi, Rural, said that whatever be the excuses made by people while solemnizing a child marriage, they are absolutely unacceptable. Every concerned person should join hands with the Govt. Department in spreading awareness and thus help in eliminating the social menace.

Vittal Chikani, Member, Child Welfare Committee, Kalaburagi, Bharatesh Shilvantar, Legal-Cum Probationary Officer, District Child Protection Unit, Kalaburagi, Fr. George, Don Bosco PYaR, Kalaburagi and Arun Serao, Director, Community Development Foundation, Sedam, over seventy temple priests, marriage hall authorities, members of Self Help Groups and project staff were present for the programme.