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Action/2015 Campaign Launched in Kalaburagi Back
Don Bosco PYaR, Kalaburagi, launched action/2015 campaign at Muddadagi, Aland, Kalaburagi on May 20, 2015. “The postcard campaign is a tangible way of making the voices heard. It encourages the participation of children in the noble task of nation building”, said Vittal Chikani, Member, Child Welfare Committee, Kalaburagi, launching the campaign. Vittal Muddadagi, Member Gram Panchayat, Lad Mugali, Aland, said that everyone has a voice in a democratic country like India, and campaigns of the sort are to be owned by the people.

The campaign is aimed at urging the prime minister to commit to deliver a post-2015 world order that is equal, just and secure for the people and environment preservation. The massive action/2015 May mobilization campaign is being held to raise awareness about 2015 being a critical year for the people and the planet. Three crucial UN summits - UN conference on Financing for Development in July, the UN General Assembly in September and conference on Climate Change in December this year will result in formulation of global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which will be a commitment by world leaders to end all forms of poverty, discrimination, and inequality and a crucial step towards a safer planet.

Fr. Prasad, Project Director, Don Bosco PYaR, Kalaburagi, Mallappa Rajoor, Coordinator, CHILDLINE, staff and villagers were present for the programme.