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Victims of Child Trafficking Rescued at Kalaburagi Back
CHILDLINE, Don Bosco PYaR, Kalaburagi and District Child Protection Unit busted an apparent human trafficking network in the guise of a marriage and rescued two girls who were to be taken to Rajasthan on June 25, 2016.

Jyoti (12), D/o Devindra and Laxmi, a native of Nirugundi, Sedam, temporarily residing at Ramnagar, Kalaburagi was married to Vijay Singh (40) from Rajasthan. Her father had passed away and mother is a coolie worker. The mother is illiterate and is living in abject poverty. Hence, the girl was married off to the person from Rajasthan after receiving Rs. 50,000/- from him.

Jagadevi (16) was scheduled to be married to Sunil Prabhati (35) from Rajasthan. The girls were rescued from two houses at Pala and Srinivas Saradagi villages. Another woman from the same village who had been married and settled in Rajasthan was one of the major links in the racket. The accused persons were arrested and imprisoned.