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From Darkness of Superstition to the Light of Education Back
Suma (name changed), is a native of one of the remote villages near Kamalapur, Kalaburagi. Her parents are coolie workers. She has an elder brother and four sisters, and she is the youngest child.

On 26/09/2015, one of the general public from the area informed that there is a child who was pushed into Devadasi system. The staff visited the village on 29/09/2015, with CWC, CDPO, and DCPO and counseled the child and her parents. The team met the child and the parents at the Govt. Higher Primary School, where the child was studying. On interaction the team learnt that the girl was married at a temple almost three years ago by a temple priest. The parents had performed the marriage after consulting a self-styled god-man who said that all the misfortunes, miseries and untimely deaths in their family is due to the anger of goddess Lakkamma. The goddess can be appeased and placated only by offering the girl to the temple as a Devadasi. Although the people in the village, Anganwadi teachers and school teachers knew about the marriage of the girl, still no one cared to do anything about it for almost three years even as the child had the mangalsutra (a sign of marriage) around her neck all the time.

Even after much counseling and conscientization, the people and some of the villagers resisted the move to shift the girl to a rehabilitation centre. Some of the villagers tried to block the vehicles saying that the village goddess is being taken away. However, the team managed to take the child and her mother along with them to Kalaburagi. On their way back, the team reported the matter at the concerned police station at Kamalapur and they agreed to support the cause. The child is in one of the rehabilitation centers pursuing her education.