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Summer Camp Inaugurated At Don Bosco Bablad Back
A month-long summer camp, ‘Bisilu Male Sibira’, was inaugurated at Don Bosco Bablad, Kalaburagi, on April 7, 2016. “The festive atmosphere of this summer camp fills me with immense joy. Ordinarily, parents in the villages look forward to the summer holidays to get help from their children to do agricultural work, gracing cattle and other odd jobs. Parents should enrol children to camps and special programmes so that children become more eager to re-join the schools”, said CV Raman, CDPO, Kalaburagi Rural, in his inaugural address.

Fr. Saji George SDB, Executive Director, Don Bosco, Kalaburagi, in his keynote address said that the activities and curriculum of the summer camp is designed to bring about a qualitative difference among the participants. Timely tests of aptitudes and skills are to be organised in order to track progress.

Yashoda Khatke, ASI, Brahmpur, speaking on the occasion said that everyone has to identify and nurture the inborn talents making use of the available opportunities. She said that children especially girls should learn some martial arts or the other in order that they may defend themselves. She concluded the address by a Karate demonstration and taught few self-defence tactics to children.

Vittal Chikani, Member, CWC, Kalaburagi, children’s representatives Shivakumar and Aishwarya were present on the occasion. Over fifty children, project staff, vocational trainees and villagers participated in the programme. Jaya Mary compered the programme and Clara proposed the vote of thanks.