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Newborn Baby Abandoned in Open Field Back
A newborn baby was found near Ladchincholi Cross, Aland Tq around 5.00pm. It was found abandoned in the bushes in an open field. The child is a baby girl and as per the medical reports, the baby must have been abandoned immediately after the delivery. The information was given to CHILDLINE 1098 and the child was brought to the Govt. Hospital. One of the passersby, hearing the cry of the child found the child and informed the police and the police in turn informed CHILDLINE 1098. The Baby is healthy except for the slight dehydration. It is being treated at the NICU. The matter is informed to the Child Welfare Committee. The child would be handed over later on to the Govt. Shelter Home for Infants and thenceforth the baby will be given for adoption.