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Happy to be with my mom Back
A woman, Vijayalakshmi, who was forced to separate from her young son a year ago by her husband’s family in Gujarat was reunited with her child on 12 Jan 2017. As the mother stepped into Don Bosco Kalaburagi, her eyes filled and tears rolled down with gratitude to the Management and the staff of Don Bosco. She praised the selfless and courageous step of Sr. Lourdu Joseph, who led the rescue team to Gujarath. Sr. Lourdu is belonging to the congregation of the sisters of the Holy Cross. She is a member of Juvanile Justice Board, Kalaburagi.

Vijayalakshmi and her father Mahadev spoke to the director of Don Bosco Kalaburgi on 26th November 2016. The case was discussed at length by the Director and the staff of Don Bosco. In spite of the complications in handling interstate cases, especially in Gujjar ki shaddi, the staff decided to take the case up through CHILDLINE GULABARGA. A case was registered through CHILDLINE 1098 on 27 October 2016. From then on the CHILDLINE coordinator and the staff started their follow up tirelessly. Complaints launched, petitions were submitted in different quarters of the district of Kalaburgi, but we found that all the doors were closed. However, the spirit of justice for the child never left the staff. Media was informed about Vijayalakshmi, the Suprindant of Police, Mr. Shashikumar instructed the CPI Mr. Gangadar who in turn instructed PCs Mr. Ambadass Chawhan and Ms. Saraswathi for the follow up. “I am impressed by the support given by the team members especially the police personal as things were not went on our way. It was a hectic action that called for team spirit and encouragement” says Sr. Lourdu.

The team started the journey on 6th January to Kalyanpura taluka, Dwaraka District in Gujarath and returned with the baby in the morning of 12th January 2017. They were made to travel from Gujarat to Mumbai as the child was with his grandma in Mumbai. The team had a tough time in handling the case and convincing the father of the child Mr. Neelesha Gondala to discern the best for the child. Vijayalakshmi and her father Mahadev stayed on with the team till the operation was successful. “I feel very proud to be in the rescue team and we have done our best in bringing justice to this child, to be with his mother” says Mr. Santoshkumar Thandoor an experienced CHILDLINE staff of Don Bosco Kalaburgi.