Child Labour Rehabilitation

Child labor is a serious and extensive problem, with many children under the age of fourteen working in hazardous situation. Child labor has been identified as harmful and hazardous to the child’s development needs, both mental and physical. Don Bosco PYaR, has two child labour rehabilitation centres. Through these centres we aim at the termination of child labor gradually and to ensure the change in mindset of these innocent kids to get in to normal and dignified life.

We offer the following services in our child labour rehabilitation centres.
• Child & Family Counseling
• Formal Education
• Bridge course
• Awareness on Health & Hygiene
• Recreational Activities
• Home Integration and Repatriation
• Talent enhancement programmes
• Value education
• Orientation programmes
• Career guidance
• Motivation for Vocational Training
• Job Placement & Room Placement
• Recreational Facilities
• Indoor & Outdoor Games
• Life Orientation Programmes
• Soft- Skills Training, Capacity Building and Personality Development Program
• Summer Camp
• Tuition Classes