Evening Tuition Centres

Don Bosco PYaR has 15 evening tuition centres in the neighboring villages of Gulbarga Taluk for child labourers, school drop outs and for the children who are poor in studies. This concept is well received and over 850 children are attending the class/tuition in 15 centres. The child labourers and school drop outs are given elementary education and the school going children are given an opportunity to clarify their doubts and get a better picture of what is taught in the school.

Apart from academic learning, extra-curricular activities are also given importance. Saturdays are kept apart for sports and games, cultural activities, quiz etc. The children from the tuition centre take part also in some of the local feasts and celebrations in the school. SDMC and SSG members show keen interest in our efforts and are extending support for the smooth functioning of the centres. The evening tuition centres are regularly monitored and animated as per the project guidelines. The teachers are called to the office for regular planning, follow up and evaluation. We also conduct training programmes for the teachers regularly. This project also includes formation of self help groups, youth groups, child right clubs, task force formation, etc.

a. Self Help Groups
Don Bosco PYaR has formed 34 SHGs with 475 members and network and collaborate with 10 SHGs in the villages. One of the main issues that are communicated to these groups is about the importance of education and their role in sending their children to school. Frequent trainings on book keeping, efficient running of SHGs and income generating activities are held to equip the members.

b. Youth Groups
Don Bosco, the father and teacher of youth realized the immense potential of the young to transform the society. The noble task of nation building today, would be next to impossible without harnessing this unmatched power of the youth. Hence, Don Bosco PYaR has scaled up its efforts in establishing and empowering youth groups in all the villages of Gulbarga Taluk.