Vision, Mission & Objective

Vision : To build a community that will unreservedly care for its children through a preventive and promotional approach which supports children and activates forces in the society that favour them.

Mission : The mission of Don Bosco PYaR is to bring into effect the vision of Don Bosco in the city streets and villages of Gulbarga for the education and empowerment of the young especially those at risk. More concretely it aims at supporting the social and government institutions so that the street and working children in Gulbarga are rehabilitated and mainstreamed the best way possible.

The Objectives
• To Work towards child rights promotion and make Panchayat system address the cause of child rights, its promotion and
• To Rehabilitate street and working children of Gulbarga Taluk
• To Provide functional literacy classes to child labourers and dropouts in the Villages of Gulbarga
• To Work towards abolition of child labour and main stream the street Children.